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by Unifying European Expertise in Global Talent Transformation

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Founded by Alixio Group, von Rundstedt (Germany), von Rundstedt (Switzerland) and Travvant, Global Talent Hub is the leading European provider of outplacement and transformation services. Key European office locations include England, France, Germany, Switzerland and Benelux.

Global Talent Hub is a leading global provider of talent transformation services with a strong people-focussed European DNA.

Global outplacement projects are so often seen as a commodity, neglecting local needs and requirements. This results in sub-optimal outcomes for the company and their affected employees.

Our approach is different. We have a solid local base with a strong people focus. This means we apply the perfect blend of technology and the right human touch to create a personalised experience.

As your strategic partner, we commit to providing fully integrated value-added advisory and transformation solutions on a global scale. To cover your global needs, we collaborate with the Career Star Group and other strategic global partners.



Co-Founder & Director


Unmatched Excellence


  • We do not oversell
  • We keep our promises
  • We solve problems fairly
  • We respect people’s diversity and individuality


  • We make a difference in people’s lives 
  • We pro-actively lead organisations to success
  • We are concise, straightforward and to the point
  • We deliver and perform to the best of our ability


  • We challenge and do things differently
  • We listen, customise and adapt to every situation
  • We find the best solution for each situation
  • We use technology where it adds value


  • We invest in research and share insights
  • We collect and work with data
  • We always look for the smartest way
  • We use local expertise for global excellence

We are pro-active,
straightforward and fully transparent.

Olivier Landerer